YMC last day of term on 11th July 2020 finished with an online End of Term Concert.

You can watch all videos and again here:
Junior Orchestra (Conductor Nigel Goldberg)

Beauty and the Beast is from the musical Beauty and the Beast and  was recorded by members of the Voice/Aural Classes with Alison Smart Fisher

Haruya Maruyama, Joe Nezu, Paloma Pastores, Yelim Ryu
Chamber Orchestra (Conductor Nigel Goldberg)
Freedom Train – YMC Choir (conductor Alison Smart Fisher)
Preparatory Orchestra – Borodin- Plovtsian Dances (Conductor: Fiona Nisbett)
Preparatory First Orchestra – It’s Corona Time – (Conductor: Fiona Nisbett)
Seagull by Lin Marsh is sung by members of the Voice/Aural classes with Alison Smart Fisher

Ella Godward, Mila Modrakovic, Naomi Quarcoopome, Rourke Archer, Taisia Armstrong, Piano: Alison Smart Fisher
Introduction Orchestra (Conductor Henry Hargreaves)
Monsters! by Lin Marsh is sung by the members of the Voice/Aural classes with Alison Smart Fisher: Mahi Gudka, Marie Li and Olivia Blomfield, Piano: Alison Smart Fisher
First Orchestra and Choir (condutors Nigel Goldberg and Alsion Smart Fisher)

A Big thank you to Maxim Lavrov (member of the YMC Chamber Orchestra) who did all the Video compilations for the First, Junior and Chamber Orchestra!

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