YMC last day of term on 11th July 2020 finished with an online End of Term Concert.

The first lockdown was a shock to all. YMC did not hesitate to immediately put all lessons on the zoom platform. The videos are the fruit of the determination and strengths of everyone involved.

You can watch all videos and again here:
Junior Orchestra (Conductor Nigel Goldberg)

Beauty and the Beast is from the musical Beauty and the Beast and  was recorded by members of the Voice/Aural Classes with Alison Smart Fisher

Haruya Maruyama, Joe Nezu, Paloma Pastores, Yelim Ryu
Chamber Orchestra (Conductor Nigel Goldberg)
Freedom Train – YMC Choir (conductor Alison Smart Fisher)
Preparatory Orchestra – Borodin- Plovtsian Dances (Conductor: Fiona Nisbett)
Preparatory First Orchestra – It’s Corona Time – (Conductor: Fiona Nisbett)
Seagull by Lin Marsh is sung by members of the Voice/Aural classes with Alison Smart Fisher

Ella Godward, Mila Modrakovic, Naomi Quarcoopome, Rourke Archer, Taisia Armstrong, Piano: Alison Smart Fisher
Introduction Orchestra (Conductor Henry Hargreaves)
Monsters! by Lin Marsh is sung by the members of the Voice/Aural classes with Alison Smart Fisher: Mahi Gudka, Marie Li and Olivia Blomfield, Piano: Alison Smart Fisher
First Orchestra and Choir (condutors Nigel Goldberg and Alsion Smart Fisher)

A Big thank you to Maxim Lavrov (member of the YMC Chamber Orchestra) who did all the Video compilations for the First, Junior and Chamber Orchestra!

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