Getting to know: Ensemble classes at YMC

“Playing music is all about teamwork – working together to create a finished product, which is as close to what we hope the composer wanted. When we play together, it trains our listening skills as we hear how the different harmonies and rhythms come together. It makes us better musicians.”

YMC Term Restart

The YMC term will restart after half term on 25th February 2023. We are looking forward to an exciting term at YMC. YMC’s ensembles are preparing for the Winter Concert, which takes place on Saturday 25th March, 1pm at the…

YMC Chamber Orchestra in rehearsal

YMC Half Term

YMC is now on half term for one week and classes will restart on 25th February 2023 at Bigwood House. Thank you to all who have contributed to a brilliant first half term of music making in 2023. Although classes…