Term dates / Event dates


Term dates 2020/21/22

atmosphere at ymc

Term times 2020/21/22

spring term  2021

first half 9th January – 13th February

20th February

second half 27th February – 27th March

summer term 2021

first half 24th April – 22nd May

half term 29th May + 5th June

second half 12th June – 10th July

autumn term 2021

first half 11th Sept – 16th October (6 weeks)

half term 23rd + 30th October

second half 6th November – 27th November (4 weeks)

spring term 2022

first half 15th January – 12th February

half term 19th February

second half 26th February – 26th March

summer term 2022

first half 23rd April – 21st May

half term 28th May + 4th June

second half 11th June – 9th July

NIgel Goldberg takes the register at YMC

Dates for your diary

12 June 2021 2.00-8.00 pm tbc

Concerto Prize Day 

26 June 2021 1.30  – 6.30 pm tbc

Prize winners concert 

4th July 9 am – 3 pm

Assessment day

10th July 1.30

End of term concert

ymc perform at the Free Church, Hampstead Garden Subarb