Instrumental beginner classes

These are group beginner classes for children from 5 years of age for violin, viola, cello and recorder or for flute from 7 years upwards.

The classes start every September and run for one year only, after which children are usually ready to move to the introduction to orchestral playing class. This is also the time for children from the beginner classes to progress to individual instrumental lessons. Having established a relationship with your original group teacher we recommend that you carry on learning with them or you are free to find another teacher of your choice (a substantial list of private string teachers available).

Children from the beginner recorder group will be allocated a new group class after the first year according to the level they have reached.

YMC recommends combining the beginner instrumental classes either with a Junior Musicianship or Voice/Aural class depending of the age of the child.

For children who already learn an instrument there is also a group beginner double bass class.

For violin, viola, cello and flute YMC also offers one-to-one lessons.

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