Please read Covid -19 safety rules for YMC

YMC Information for summer term 2021

General government guidelines:

Info for Bigwood House

There will be  signs/applying tape to floors to put into place in corridors a keep-left approach throughout Bigwood House.  A one-way system is not feasible for the school based on the building design.

Every room will have hand sanitiser and wipes, it would be preferable if YMC/tutors and students can provide their own. All rooms now have pedal bins for general waste. Please, can every student (parent) wipe clean their music stand and chair after use to save time. 

Already in place are wall-mounted hand sanitising points.

It is recommended hand dryers in washrooms are not used, these will be replaced with hand towels and pedal bins for disposal.

Guidance for all students, tutors, staff and families

The measures outlined in this Guidance are to be strictly observed by all members of YMC community at all times. 

As a general rule only students and YMC staff will be allowed into Bigwood house except for parents of children 11 years and under. If you need to speak to Marina, you can reach her any time on 07717 533 395 or by email: 

Families should be aware that we do not have the facilities to isolate students who become unwell on site. Any student presenting symptoms will be required to return home (or to their guardian) immediately. 

If a member of staff becomes unwell whilst at YMC, they must inform Marina Solarek (administrator) or Natasha Dedic (financial assistant) and return home immediately.

Face coverings should be worn (except children 11 years and under) in corridors in Bigwood House, they can be taken off once at the desk or stand. 

Government advice on the safe use of face coverings can be found here:

Teaching staff should ensure that all lessons begin with hand sanitising.
As a minimum, frequently touched surfaces should be wiped down at the beginning and at the end of each day, and more frequently depending on: the number of people using the space, whether they are entering and exiting the setting, and access to hand washing and hand-sanitising facilities.

Staff must stay at least 1 1/2 metres away from students and other staff at all times. Students must stay at least 1 metre apart at all times (or 2 metres; or 3 metres as directed for some specific activity). 

Teachers should manage the entrance and exit of rooms so that social distancing is maintained. This extends to monitoring the corridors on exit and releasing classes in such a way that congestion is avoided .

Staff are asked to be alert to changes in student behaviour and to raise concerns as soon as they arise. 

Students should only use their own equipment (pencils, paper etc.) and must be discouraged from sharing equipment. 

Guidance for orchestras , ensembles , Choir and groups.
Some key principles must be observed in all instrumental/Choral lessons: 

  •  Staff should always remain a minimum of 2 metres distance from all students. 
  •  There should be NO physical contact with students under any circumstances 
  • Under no circumstances must staff lean over, sit next to or come into contact with the student or their instrument 
  • There should be NO sharing of instruments under any circumstances 
  • As far as possible, windows should remain OPEN during and between lessons. 
  • No orchestra or group will be greater than 30 persons 
  • All instrumentalists (except cellists and bassists) should go with their cases to their seat/desk. Unpack your instrument at your seat and place your case underneath your chair. Bassists and Cellists: please unpack at a safe space on the side of the hall/room.
  • String ensembles must be spaced at a 1 metre distance between players and a 2 metre distance must be maintained between students and staff. 
  • Choral participants must be placed at a 2 metre distance and a 3 metre distance must be maintained between staff and students. 
  • Woodwind and brass must operate on a 2 metre distance principle.  At the end of any lesson, rehearsal or personal practice, woodwind and brass players should ensure their instrument is completely emptied of water and any discarded water is collected from the floor with a paper towel. The towel must then be disposed of in a bin immediately.