Getting to know: Violin Lessons at YMC

Here YMC violin tutor Iona McDonald shares some thoughts about learning the violin and gives an insight into one to one violin lessons at YMC.

What makes the violin such an amazing instrument to learn?

“We get to play all the big tunes! And you can play in so many different ensembles (orchestras, string quartets, string ensembles etc.) meet people and make lots of friends.”

What kind of things will you get to do in a violin lesson?

Come and enjoy playing your piece you’re working on, then we will work on improving it together. Your violin lesson is a safe space to experiment, use your imagination, make mistakes and for us to find solutions together, play musical games and learn technique exercises.

Why learn the violin?

There are so many amazing pieces of music we can play on the violin. It makes a beautiful sound and you can play with your friends.

Where can you get hold of a violin?

You can rent a violin from many string instrument shops, that way when you grow you can give it back and they will give you the next size up! YMC is happy to advise on string instrument shops which have instruments available for hire.

How long are violin lessons?

“Violin lessons at YMC are 20, 30 or 45 minutes long.”

What happens if I need to miss my violin lesson?

“If you need to miss your lesson, it’s not the end of the world. If we know in advance, you may get a few more things to practice until the next lesson. However, It’s important that you keep up your practising even if you’ve had to miss your lesson that week.”

How much practice do I need to do between lessons?

Only practice on the days you eat is my rule! If you practice at least 20 minutes a day you will make very good progress.”