Meet YMC Alumni: Conrad Khan

In the latest in our series of interviews with YMC alumni, BAFTA rising star nominated actor Conrad Khan shares some memories from his time at YMC. Conrad has starred as an actor in some major series released by the BBC and Netflix. Conrad is a cellist who played and performed with YMC’s orchestras and chamber ensembles.

How old were you when you joined YMC? Can you remember what your first day was like?
“I was around 14 years old when I joined YMC. I remember my first few months there as being exciting, I wasn’t too nervous as I knew one or two people who studied there from my school. The opportunity to play in both large orchestras and in more intimate chamber groups appealed to me.”

What are your most special memories of your time at YMC?
“The most special moment from my time spent there was the concert performance at St. Martins in the Fields, where my family and friends came along to see me as part of the orchestra. I will remember the afternoon for the rest if my life and it felt like a real high point of my cello playing experience.”

What opportunities have you been able to take part in, performing as an actor, since leaving YMC? Any particular highlights?
“Since leaving YMC I decided to concentrate on acting professionally. I have been part of large various scale television and film productions. Some of this work led me to be nominated for the Bafta rising star award in 2019, a moment which I was particularly proud of and has encouraged me to continue with acting as my main focus.”

What are you most proud of achieving musically?
“Musically, I am most proud of being able to play one of my favourite pieces of music – the Bach cello suites. In addition, the various end of term concerts, which family members attend, were also proud moments for me.”

Have you got any top tips for YMC’s musicians who are thinking about a career in acting?
“Studying music has so many transferable skills which apply across disciplines. Personally, being able to work collaboratively as a group, listening to one another, as well as the importance of practice and rehearsal at home; these are all things which were cemented within my work ethic during my time at YMC and that I still use today.”

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