YMC Starter Strings Programme

From September 2023 YMC will be offering a new structured programme for beginner instrumental string learning. The programme will include:

A 30 minute beginner group instrumental class in violin, viola or cello

A 30 minute musicianship/orchestra class

Free instrument hire for the year

The beginner classes will be focussed around developing technical skill and learning some short pieces together as a group. The musicianship/orchestra class will see all students enrolled on the programme for violin, viola and cello come together as a small orchestra and will focus on elements such as rhythm reading, pitch recognition and playing together in an ensemble. 

At the end of the academic year, all students will receive a certificate and will perform a short piece individually for YMC’s Artistic Director, Marina and our Preparatory First and Introduction Orchestra conductor Fiona, who will also be overseeing the programme.

Recorder and Flute beginner classes will also be available and you can also participate in the String beginner classes without the musicianship class (no free instrument hire included).

There are c.12 spaces available on the programme and there are a small number of spaces remaining to participate in the programme. If you would like to participate please click here to fill in an enrolment request.